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Houston Housing Authority partnership!

The LaQuinn Group (SOCIETY 23's Real Estate sales division) has joined forces with the Houston Housing Authority for their FSS homebuyer program. The FSS is the Housing authorities family self sufficiency program that assists section 8 participants with various economic goals.

Participants work toward goals set for themselves and also learn about credit, the importance of money management, financial literacy and home ownership.

As a part of the FSS program, these families are able to use the funds that were once paid toward a rental voucher, and use the assistance for the transition to home ownership.

This provides an excellent opportunity for section 8 voucher holders to become self sufficient and economically responsible.

Our LaQuinn Group agents will facilitate home buyer orientations and represent FSS participants that have listed home ownership as one of their goals.

Education, empowerment and building wealth through Real Estate has always been the foundation for SOCIETY 23 & The LaQuinn Group.

We are thrilled to get these families one step closer to their dreams. What else does 2020 have in store?!

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