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Society 23 is the investment division of The LaQuinn Group, a full service Real Estate firm located in Houston, TX.


As a Real Estate Investment Club, "Society 23" uses education and entertainment to teach families the importance of building wealth.


Our goal is to reach individuals and organizations who desire to accomplish the goal of home ownership or generate income through Real Estate investment projects.

We offer education classes, training programs, home buyer scholarships, investment opportunities and events to assist members in achieving economic success. Our ultimate purpose is to provide Society 23 members with the necessary tools to accomplish their goals and invest in projects that create change for the community.

S23 is here to change the culture surrounding the world of Real Estate. Many people are intimidated because it seems too sophisticated. The truth is that Real Estate can be both fun and rewarding!

The most unique aspect of Society 23 is our ability to connect celebrities to the community through inspirational interviews, events and Real Estate development projects.