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Tyler Perry purchases 330 acres for new film studio

Tyler Perry, a prominent filmmaker and actor, has purchased 330 acres of a former US Army base in Atlanta, GA to be the home for his new office and film studio.

The existing home for Tyler Perry studios is a 200,000 square foot complex with 5 sound stages and 400 seat theater. He is able to shoot all of his projects at the complex, including the 4 different TV series that currently air on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). Now, with the purchase of 330 acres and the abiity to develop a larger space, imagine the creativity that may come from the new complex.

When viewed from a different perspective, you will begin to notice that Real Estate is more relevant than you realize. Whether you own a medical clinic, operate a youth Basketball camp, manage a recording studio or direct movies, they all share ONE common factor. Can anyone guess what that could be? Just in case you are tired of guessing, let me help you out. They all operate out of some type of facility and in case you still didn't catch on yet, a facility = REAL ESTATE!

When businesses operate out of a facility that they have purchased and own themselves, there is more control to customize facilities according to the needs of your organization. But most importantly, you are placed in a position to establish equity and increase your networth by owning Real Estate. The lesson to be learned is that Real Estate investment is more fun and creative than just being a landlord and owning a rental home. How big you go is determined by how big YOUR vision is. The possibilities are endless.


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