"Establishing Lucrative Investments Through Education"


Eligible Elite 500 members are community members such as: individuals, families and small business owners who desire to establish wealth through Real Estate. There are only 500 enrollment slots for the ELITE 500 Group. Once the spaces are filled, enrollment is closed and only re-opened if a member forfeits their membership.

Many people assume that they need a lot of money or great credit to begin their Real Estate investment career. Through education and guidance, ELITE 500 members are trained on how to create alternative methods of income for their families and businesses.


This is accomplished through:

  • Analysis The common misconception is that you must be wealthy to begin investing in Real Estate. We complete a full analysis based on credit, debt, income, current savings sources , 401K accounts and other factors to determine your investment abilities. By doing this we are able to identify obstacles and create a solution and strategic plan to overcome those obstacles.


  • Education We encourage participation in our educational resources to make sure that our members are well equipped and educated before beginning their homeownership journey or Real Estate investment career. We currently offer a 2 day Real Estate investor training to help kick start your investment career. 


  • ExecutionThe most important part of having a goal is actually accomplishing that goal. That can be easier said than done, especially when there is no one to hold you accountable or to believe in what you are doing. As your consultants, you will be assisted in the execution of your strategy to ensure results.



The most unique part about SOCIETY 23 is our collective investment strategy and the belief that there is power in partnering members together to accomplish investment goals. An individual may not have $100,000 to get started on a major investment project, however, 10 members collectively at $10,000 each now have the $100,000. 

This method gives life to investment dreams that at one time appeared impossible. Our goal is to help eliminate excuses and create resources in an effort to produce results.