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"Connecting Celebrities to The Community" 


~Through Real Estate and Community Investments~

 The Society's “C3 Global initiative” is a challenge to Connect Celebrities to the Community.


The purpose is to offer elite members an alternative foundation to sustain wealth, an outlet to give back to the community, a platform for positive media recognition and a legacy to leave for their families.

C3 Global members are those that have a prominent profile and commands some degree of public fascination or influence in day-to-day media, such as: professional athletes, musicians, radio personalities, entertainment industry executives, publicists, managers, etc.

Real Estate Investments - Don't get caught up in purchasing unnecessary toys. Many are paying monthly mortgages on various properties that never get lived in and have no diversity within their current investments.  When thinking realistically, it is understood that one cannot perform or play sports forever and it is imperative to establish an alternative platform for building and preserving wealth. By becoming a part of SOCIETY 23 , you now have professionals on your team that will help manage and direct funds into various Real Estate investment opportunities worldwide.

  • Community Involvement - SOCIETY 23 is passionate about our connection to the community and therefore most of our Real Estate projects not only provide an investment return, but also contribute positively to communities and provide a platform for positive media recognition. 

  • As a SOCIETY 23 - C3 Global member, we encourage the participation of at least 1 community investment project per year to ensure commitment to the SOCIETY 23 mission.

Bridging the Gap - Many churches, non profit organizations and other community organizations lack funds to complete community projects. These organizations need committed partners that are in a position to act as their lender or join ventures as an equal partner. This method is effective because the Real Estate project is completed, the programs operate efficiently and our SOCIETY 23 member receives a return on their investment while giving back to the community simultaneously. Together, members of the Society have the power and ability to make the necessary connection needed to bridge the gap and create change.

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